TaQuésha Rowland (born January 8, 1988), better known as T-Royalz, is a natural born star. The multi-talented artist abilities go beyond the microphone and span to engineer, producer, radio personality, and management. Growing up in Harlem, New York, T-Royalz witness first hand how the drug game can single handedly destroy a person and the people around them. Losing her father a week before her first birthday left a wound that couldn’t be healed. She turned to music as an outlet. She can remember at the tender age of 5 while attending P.S. 112 sitting in her kindergarten class drawing herself on the stage with a Mic in her hand. She knew she was destined to be great. 


During her adolescent years while living on Pleasant Ave she began making beats using GarageBand. She befriend a boy named Tayvuan better known as T Fatz who would be her first Artist signed to Rollin Estate. Recording with a mic, no mic stand, and a cd sleeve covered with women’s stockings as a pop filter, they began their journey. However as fast as they start the faster they stop. Her artist was later incarcerated leaving her with beats. This is when T decided to pick up a pen and pad and pick up where Fatz left of. She admits to being complete garbage as lyricist at the beginning but she slowly got in tuned. Before writing her own lyrics she remembers writing the lyrics to one of her favorite MCs, Remy Ma. She’d write them and rehearse them as if they were her own. 


Amidst to making beats and writing she began engineering. Not only working closely with her artists but others in her neighborhood. She began working directly with Self Made Millionaire Records where she would mix & master their projects as well as shoot and edit their videos. She later would go on to create two projects under the label her entitled “P.S. 115: The Yearbook” and “The Initiation.” With her first Mixtape “P.S. 115: The Yearbook” she would get a co-sign from former Roc-a-fella A&R Big Face Gary and get backing from her father’s friend Moe Money who was responsible for putting her in direct contact with Big Face.


Her credentials stem from Ithaca College where she received her Bachelors of Science in Television Radio. While attending Ithaca T-Royalz musical journey had taken full effect. Studying Audio Production at Ithaca College, she was constantly perfecting her craft immersing herself in the world of music. As a member of the Ithaca College community, T-Royalz hosted her own weekly radio show on Ithaca College’s 92 WICB entitled “The Talk of New York.” In addition, she had become a fan favorite at the Ithaca College Open Mic Nights and won the 2010 competition Ithaca’s Got Talent. While attending Ithaca College she became close with Brett Cohen who continuously supports her music career. Together they have interviewed many top notch artists such as Nelly, Big Krit, Jadakiss, and Mac Miller just to name a few. Combine his honesty and knowledge in music with T’s ambition and ability to get things done they are undoubtedly the best dynamic duo.


Expanding on her resume T-Royalz has worked along side music producer & song writer Billy Mann of Manncom Cre8tive and Green and Bloom Publishing Company. While interning she gained valuable knowledge that she utilizes while managing her client Self Made Streets. Together they have begun to lay down the foundation of their monumental movement. All her life everyone told she had to pick one thing and stick with it. She could never understand because she is so versatile.